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New Version-New Kingdom War

2017-05-31   From:Sango Heroes



1. There war will begin at 20:00 and last 2 hours, during which the 3 countries have the same tasks

2. The system won’t be open when all countries are prepared to open the next round

3. The players who betrayed the country will have a new task when next time he opened the Kingdom War panel

4. The rewards will be kept till 0:00 in the next day, please claim them in time or the rewards will disappear and you will get no compensation


1. The task is divided into two rounds, one round per hour. 

2. At the beginning of each round, the target is the current occupied city +2 of each country; under special circumstances, no more than the total number of cities

3. When statistics, the number of occupied city ≥ target number is victory, otherwise is failed

4. Claim rewards manually in activity panel, rewards will be retained to the next war

5. The rewards will be automatically sent at the end of the Round 1, and then the Round 2 will be opened; Round 2 is the same as Round 1, and then the daily task is over

6. The unclaimed rewards will be retained at award panel, the other show the current status of Round 2


1. The task lasts two hours, during which time the barbarians will appear every 30 minutes

2. Barbarians will be refresh in three cities connected to the capital, belonging to the corresponding capital of the country

3. At the end of the task, wipe out all barbarians in the country will win

4. Barbarians attack players once in every minute, and will not trigger the Guards, the barbarians will only increased in number when the city is empty

5. Domestic players can duel with the barbs, the rivals can either attack or duel with the Barbs, and will not lose city def

6. Longer the war last, stronger the strength of the Barbarians

7. Please claim the rewards in time, for the rewards will be disappear in 00:00


1. King will get a FREE Order each day, then he will consume Gold to release more Orders. You can only release the Order in the attacked city which is near the King's location. The Order will last 30min, each city can only exist 1 Order at the same time, the max number of the Order is 3. Alive members can get Order during the Valid period of the Order, every King can only get order for 1 time, which will receive abundant resources. You can take Order for 15 times per day. 

2. Task of Kingdom War will be opened regularly, with many playing methods and awesome rewards.

Borrow Arrow

1. Task will last 2 hours, upper limit of countries' arrow will expand every 20m, in total 5 times

2. You will get resource of Kingdom War when you cost currency to borrow arrows every time

3. Your cool-down time will increase 2 minutes when you borrow arrow every time and you can't borrow arrows when cool-down time is more than 30 minutes 

4. Every country has its upper limit, you should expand it when it reach upper limit, and you can't borrow arrows at that time

5. You win if you reach country's goal when task is over

6. Please remember to check your rewards by hand in the interface of event, which will be saving to 00:00 in next day, and you will lose rewards if you didn't get it in time


Mine Explore

1. Task will last 2 hours and every round will last 30 minutes

2. Task is divided in to scramble and exploration. The scramble time will last 15 minutes and the explore time will last 10 minutes, mine will reset for 5 minutes whether you succeed to explore

3. Mine will connect with 3 entrance in the middle of map, you can attack mine only if you occupy entrance

4. Your country will get 1 point when you cost 1K HP guard per time. The country that has highest points will have right to explore when scramble time is over

5. Please remember to check your rewards by hand in the interface of event, which will be saving to 00:00 in next day, and you will lose rewards if you didn't get it in time