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New Event-Wheel of Fortune

2017-04-06    From:Sango Heroes

Roll and get rare items.

Race to Top. Find rare Spirits!


In the interface of Rich Nation


How to Open

Lv.50 to unlock


1.Wheel of Fortune is divided into Common and Luxe Wheel.

2.It's available to roll Common Wheel for 5 times for free; it's available to roll Luxe Wheel for 1 time for free; which will be reset at 00:00.

3.Every player has 2 choices, which are rolling one by one or roll 10 times straightly; More times you roll, more gold will be cost; but the latter is worth than the former. We'll see!

4.Each wheel has its own pond and gold in pond will be increasing when you roll it every time.

5.According to points, rank is divided into Common Rank and Elite Rank; you will appear in the Elite Rank if you get 27600 points; you can appear two Ranks at the same time and get related rewards.