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Unique Expedition

2015-09-14   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Are you upset with playing the Tourney? Do you expect to play in a new way? Expedition's coming will definitely bring you a freshing gaming experience!

Players above Lv.75 could join the Expedition
★ Pre-Notice: 9:00-19:00
★ Groups: 19:00--20:00
★ Battletime: 20:00--22:00
★ Claim time: 22:00--23:59
[You need to know]
★ The Map:
1) Same as the Word Map
2) Territory in the Map competed by the three Camps is occupied by Yellow Rebellion, including Luoyang-Tongguan,  Langya-Guangling,  Wuyang-Guiyang
3) Central part of the Map including Xuchang-Wuxian-Jiangxia is occupied by Yellow Rebellion
★ How to Group
1) Countries joined in the Expedition will be grouped according to the Rank
2) After grouping, each country will be divided into one camp
3) There are 3 Camps in the Expedition including HeBei, Shu, J.Dong
4) Camps are auto-divided by the system ( Eg. Country Weicould be either divided into the Camp Shu or J.Dong in the Expedition)
[How to Play]
★ Stage 1: Annihilation
1) Two cities in Central part of the Map including Xuchang-Wuxian-Jiangxia occupied by Yellow Rebellion will be randomly selected by the system to be as the Task City for Three Camps to siege.
2) Once one of the Task City being occupied, players having kills in the battle will receive the rewards for the 1st round in time (No connection with Rank)
3) The 1st stage of Expedition ends with two Task Cities being occupied
★ Stage 2 : Siege City
1) Stage 2 starts with the ending ofthe 1st stage and three camps begins to siege cities
2) After the stage 1, Owner of the TaskCity will be regarded as Defender
3) Rules are the same as the Country Quest, namely, with the Task City being occupied, the Expedition will come to close.
4) If the Task City is still not occupied till 22:00, the Defender will be taken as the winner.
5) Players joining the Task, Siege City, could receive basic rewards which will depend on kills rank in Expedition
6) Countries successfully occupying or defending the Task City will receive extra rewards
[Task Rewards]
★ Stage 1: Annihilation
1) Same rewardswill be delivered to all participants
2) Rewards will be auto-sent after one of Task Cities being occupied
★ Stage 2: Siege City
1) Basic rewards depends on the kills rank. Higher rank, More rewards.
2) Countries successfully occupying or defending the Task City will receive extra rewards
3) Rewards can be claimed from the time when Expedition's over to 23:59.
4) Unclaimed rewards will be auto-sent to you by the system

Note: All data above are only reference, please take the in-game as precedence