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Bonus Pool Which Is Consume Event Now 12.12-12.13

2021-12-10    From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Event. Bonus Pool Which Is Consume Event Now
Dear players,
Consuming Event Comes Now, we have prepared Bonus Pool which is consume event now, and you can get preferential resources and items in here. You must get all the rewards only if you draw 12 times in eventThis exciting moment, we have put God X.Qiao and God Xu Chu in this Bonus Pool! Whats more, all these rewards are richer than before, so do you feel excited after seeing these rewards? Come On! Dont miss it!
Time: Dec.12th - Dec.13th (GMT+8)
Server: S1-S130
During the event time, players above Lv. 60 will get one ticket every time consuming 100G. The ticket can be used in Bonus Pool to draw and win the corresponding rewards. Please click to claim before starting the next draw.
Join - Click “Events” and join Bonus Pool.
Ticket- When you consumed 100G, one ticket will be sent to you automatically.
Draw- Use ticket to draw, but it is worth noting that more draw times, more tickets needed for draw.
Claim- Claim the corresponding rewards.
Rewards - If you have already gained this special item such as Hero Card before, you will get other rewards instead of it in event. ( This event if you have gained image card before, you will get other reward)
Corresponding Ticket(s):
1. There are no any free tickets at anytime for players spin the Bonus Pool every day.
2. Lv. 60 is required to join this event.
3.The event will totally last for 2 days.
4.It is worth noting that more draw times, more tickets needed for draw.
5.The rewards in event are special, you can only claim once for each reward. And some rewards can be replaced in event, it means that you can get other rewards if you have this special item such as hero card before.
6. Tickets are sent to your account automatically. When the event ends, each unused ticket will be converted into 200K Food and added to your account.