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Clash of Three Kingdoms

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Experience the realistic world of the Three Kingdoms era. Expand the land, accompany the beauty and conquer the world now!

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Updated Tourney

2015-09-08   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

New Version with Updated Server Competition definitely bring you wonderful gaming experience!
[Time & Schedule]
1) There're 5 matches in all within 3 days. 2-match held every day in first 2 days, and only 1 match in the third day.
1st Match: 20:00-20:45
2nd Match: 21:00-21:45
2) Country Quests at night will be canceled during the Server Competition
3) Groups & Daily Schedule
Each group includes 6 servers. ( Randomly divided for the 1st time and then on the basis of the rank last time )
Schedule: each server playing one match against each of the other servers in the same group. 5 matches in all
*Specified time is still pending
[Limits to Shadow]
100 chances at most to shadow in the first 15 minutes and 200 for the last 15 minutes
[How to play]
This map is seperated from others and players can access through clicking the icon Tourney, in which includes Camp City, Strategy City, Resources City, Hidden City and so on.
Camp City: Nan Jun, Wan Xian
It's the place where the heroes' headquarters locates and are off limits to enemies.
Strategy City: XiangYang, LinYi, JianPing
Startegy including Fire, Water, Stonefall will be released every 10 min. in the map. After release, troops that waiting heroes have will reduced by 50% if they're in Water, Plains or Mountain.
Shadow City: NorthernBarrack, Southern Barrack

Killing NPC with shadows in the city to win chances to shadow
Hidden City: Northern Mine, Southern Mine
Unlock at 15 minutes after Server Competitionstarts and will not disappear until Server Competition is over. The Hidden Citycan be attacked and taken into the Final Occupies just as the role the commoncity plays. Additionally, players killing NPC in the Hidden City will receivecertain numbers of Iron as rewards.
Resources City: Western Barrack, Western Barn, Eastern Barrack, EasternBarn, Eastern Parade, Western Parade
1) Players will be rewarded with RO by killing NPC inWestern and Eastern Barrack
2) When Western or Eastern Parade is occupied, players from the occupied party will be rewarded with EXP.
3) Players from the occupied party will be rewarded with certain numbers of Food after Western or Eastern Barn is taken.
Players above Grade 1 officials are allowed to launch Expedition calling for 15 NPC to the city where your heroes are battling against during the second and third stage of Server Competition ( NPC Killings will not be included in the country's Kills).  You have 3 chances to launch at each stage including Stage 1 and Stage 2.
Note: chances can only be used within the validity period or it'll be forfeited.
1) Ranking list (Groups)
Composed of Top States and Top Heroes.
Range: rank of countries and top 8 players in the group.
2) Leaderboard (All servers)
Composed of Star State and Star Hero.
Range: Top 8 countries and heroes in Server Competition
3) Schedule: available to check
Based on the numbers of cities your country occupied and your personal performance, You'll receive massive vouchers as rewards after each round's over. Claim for Free for the first time and if you want more, gold is needed. Wanna more vouchers? this is your time! (As for the rewards unclaimed timely, it'll be auto-claimed next time just before the Server Competition starts)
(Shadow will be returned to you by the way of EXP excluding Tech, VIP Bonus)

All above is for reference only and please take the in-game date as precedence