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2016-11-29   From:Sango Heroes

In our game, different hero leads different Soldier Unit, there are 4 types of Units in total, including Knife, Spearman, Cavalry, Archer.

Warrior leads Spearman, Cavalry leads Cavalry, and Archer leads archer.

Basic attributes of a soldier: ATK, HP, Phy Def, Str Def.

Role of a soldier: Attack hero and soldier of your rivals during a battle and diminish the damage of heroes.

To promote the Units of the soldier can comprehensively upgrade the basic attributes and will help you a lot in a battle. 

But how to promote the Unit?

There will be a red point show on your hero panel when it meet the conditions:

Click to enter the panel and promote to the Units.

Consume Warsoul to promotion which can be gain from the Famous Dungeon and the Guild Shop etc.

The higher the level of units, the more number of Warsoul required.

All data above are only reference, please take the in-game as precedence.