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Hero Practice

2016-11-29   From:Sango Heroes

Practice system can enhance your power to a great extent, and also it is a big challenge for your luck, so how could we practice our Heroes?

First you need to choose the hero you want to practice, and then enter the panel to practice.

By entering the practice panel, you can practice the hero as you like.

[Basic Rules]

1. When you are practicing a hero, the progress bar can be completed at any position due to your luck

2. With the boost of your level, the progress bar will be enlarged accordingly


After practice, the ATK, HP, Phy Def, Str Def will be greatly enhanced and simultaneously, the level of Hero Training will be upgrade then.


Consume Practice Stone to training a hero, and the Practice Stone can be purchased in Shop, Y. Rebellion, etc.

All above is for reference only, please take the in-gamedata as precedence