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[New Version] New System -- Adviser

2019-06-05   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Lords and heroes are fighting on the front line while intelligent advisers are sitting in the camps to think out of strategies and tactics.
[How to unlock]
Unlocked with Hero Function. Heroes above Lv.88 can have advisers.
[Function Interface]
Click [Adviser] on the Hero panel to enter.
Lords can appoint the heroes they’ve already gain as advisers. Heroes matched with advisers with have better attributes. Advisers can be upgraded to higher levels and thus they can add more attribute buffs to heroes.
Some advisers and heroes have Destiny Effect with each other. Destiny effect can be activated after advisers are presented with Jade Pendant, then Destiny would be effective. Advisers with higher tactics can add more buff.
1.Heroes recruited cannot be advisers
2.Heroes can be matched with at most three different destiny effects, which would be activated by different jade pendants.
3.One hero can only be matched with one adviser.
[How to Activate&Train]
A number of loyal heroes are waiting in the tavern to assist you. Choose one and activate the hero into an adviser. 
Activating advisers will cost A.Tokens. Activating different heroes cost different amounts of A.Tokens and the initiative tactics vary among heroes.
Heroes of their unlocked state, awakened state and promoted state have the corresponding strategies. After being promoted to god heroes, they can study all three strategies. Advisers with higher tactics can add more buff to heroes.
After heroes are upgraded to higher levels, other strategies they can study will be unlocked. Heroes of the unlocked state can only study the first strategy.
[Destiny effects and attributes are as follows]
All data above are only for reference, please take the in-game as precedence.