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Clash of Three Kingdoms

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Experience the realistic world of the Three Kingdoms era. Expand the land, accompany the beauty and conquer the world now!

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[New Cross Event][Function Intro]----Qualifying

2019-05-10   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Decades-long war time has seen quantities of wins and loses. Generals and heroes prove their braveness and strengths in competitions with others.

[How to unlock]:
Available after players reach Lv.80

Click “Activities” then click “Qualifying” to enter the system.
Qualifying is a seasonal competition. Players will be matched for PvP Battle during each season. Total points will rise or fall according to the results of each battle. At the beginning of each season, 1000 points will be given to each player. Winning PvP Battle will add points to and losing PvP Battle will reduce points from the total. The minimum points is 500 points. Lords need to save their [Deployed Formation] and [Challenge Formation] which would be matched with other players formations. Opponents will be matched randomly according to the points of players. There are five different ranks based on the total points. After the end of each season, players could claim rewards according to their point ranks. Players ranking Top 100 will get extra ranked rewards.

[Season Periods]:
Each season has 25 days of Regular Season and 5 days of Sprint Season and one day of ranking notice. During Regular Season period each player can have matches for at most 10 times. During Sprint Season, there will be no limit on single day match times, but an upper limitation of 30 times in total. Competition tasks will be given to players during Regular Season and Sprint Season period. A considerable amount of rewards can be claimed after players finish tasks.

[Ranking Rules]:
There are five ranks according to the points: Vulgar, Captain, General, Chief and Legend. During each season all players will start with 1000 points. Winning and losing battle will add to or reduce points.

[Battle Rules]:
There are two types of battles: Deploy and Challenge. You can change your Deployed Formation and Challenge Formation.

[Hero Order]:
Drag Image Icon to arrange Hero Order. The order will be saved automatically when the panel is closed.
Update: Update the current deploying heroes and their attributes to the Deployed Formation or Challenge Formation
Restore: Restore to the last formation. You could only restore to the latest formation within 60 min.
Opponents will be matched randomly according to your score by clicking Match; Opponent’s profile is available after the matching completes.
You could switch between Current Formation and Deployed Formation in the Formation Page within 60 seconds. Deployed Formation will be chosen automatically if players fail to attack.
Point details can be checked on Counting page after the battle ends.

[Battle Record]:
You can find battle information by clicking Battle Records. Battle information includes battle results, heroes of two players, initiatives, ranks, points and the changes of your points.

[Season Rewards]:
Lords will get season rewards according to their ranks when the qualifying season ends. Players ranking Top 100 will get extra ranked rewards. What’s more, players ranking Top Three will be titled as God of War, King of Fighter and Overlord.

All data above are only for reference, please take the in-game as precedence.