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[New Version]New Function——Dynasty System

2018-06-01   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Dynasty System
Dear lords, we will add a brand-new system——Dynasty System into our new version, where you can establish one new dynasty with country members to fight against enemies! Come on to know and establish it!
[How to unlock]:
Available after Country Level reaches Lv.9 and Country Level EXP is full , then the system will be unlocked.
After unlocking it, you can click the main interface “Country” to enter the system
[Dynasty Info]:
Players can open the function of establishing dynasty after country level reaches Lv.9 and Exp is full. Then player donate military equipment and lead the army to attack X.Liang Country! As for this system, it is not only the power pk, but also strength of competing strategy. And there are different play ways in here--- Dynasty System!
[Dynasty Establish]:
King will launch to establish dynasty after country level reaches Lv.9 and Exp is full. 
When country level meets the requirements, the button “Upgrade” will appears in the Country Interface. Players can open the upgrading task after clicking “Upgrade” button!
The time to upgrade the dynasty is from 8:00am to 24:00pm, and the rest of the time cannot be execute the task.
1, Funds Arrangement:
When upgrading one dynasty, first donate resources to prepare for the coming war.
a, The donation process requires the concerted efforts of players throughout the country. Each donation will receive a corresponding EXP Reward.
b, When the donation reaches a certain number of times, it will be the CD time which you can cost gold to clear it.
c, After the donation is completed, rewards will be distributed according to the number of donated resources, and they will be automatically distributed if unclaimed in time.
2, Attack Dynasty Instance:
After finish the donation of resources at appointed time, players can click button to enter the instance to battle with X.Liang!
1, Dynasty Instance is visible to own country players, and players can attack enemy in Instance!
2, The battle within the Dynastic Instance can be fought simultaneously with the World Map without affecting each other.
3, After ending task , the shadow which die for battle will auto return corresponding Exp!
Requirements about victory in instance:
After players enter instance, players can go from the main city”Chang An” to attack enemy , then win the battle after breaching “X.Liang City”.
This Instance will lasts for 120 minutes ,in the process of attacking the instance , different city has different effects. The lords need to allocate their forces properly in order to break the enemy quickly.
Special City Effects:
1, Players are forbidden to release skill in some city
2, It takes three times of troops to break into city
3, The NPC in the city will refresh as the attack time increases
What’s more , players should firstly breach “City North” “City South” and “City West” the three cities which the route origins from city “Xiabian” “Pingyang””Hong Nong”, then can attack X.Liang City!
So all of players should think a lot when attack the instance!
Establish Dynasty:
After breaching X.Liang City , players win victory and can establish dynasty! The each players can claim the relevant rewards according to Kill Rank about each players.
1.Whether the battle in X.Liang is successful or not, the Dynasty Establish will enter the CD time.
2.Players can receive basic and extra rewards after victory, and there is only basic rewards if the upgrade dynasty fails.
3.If the reward is not claimed in time, the system will automatically send email notification.
1.Players can proclaim Name of State after establishing dynasty. (It is free in proclaiming name firstly)
2.Player can change Name of State by costing 1000 gold when the time is 120 hours after the date of last change time. 
3.The declaration may be changed at any time.
4.After the establishment of the dynasty, it can be upgraded to two levels.
5.After the establishment of the dynasty, two additional Country Buildings “Fort” and “Pillbox” can be built.

All data above is only for reference, please take the in-game as the precedence.