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[New Version]New Function——Battle of D.Zhuo

2018-05-31   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Battle of D.Zhuo
Dear lords, new function—Battle of D.Zhuo will be added into our new version! You can fight against D.Zhuo to win big rewards and restore your own country in Battle of D.Zhuo. Let’s have a look!
[How to unlock]:
Available after countries reach Lv.4
You can go to "Mission" to click the event
[Play Rules]:
D.Zhuo will lead off an attack to three countries Unregularly. All the country quest will be replaced "Battle of D.Zhuo" quest when D.Zhuo comes, and the quest "Battle of D.Zhuo" can last 3 rounds. In the end, the rewards will be counted in according to Kill Rank in each country.
①D.Zhuo can come into each country , however, each country only can attack D.Zhuo who attacks in own country , and can not enter into other country’s D.Zhuo City.
②D.Zhuo Blood Volume is the Total Damage from D.Zhuo caused by lords from each country. When the total damage reaches the aim , the task also is over.
③When D.Zhuo comes, if the Invaded city is still in battle stage, all the heroes will send back to main city, and the shadow will return as EXP to hero. If the invaded city are in slaughter stage, the city will directly change into the stage "D. Zhuo Occupies" and the rewards will be disappeared.
④With the promotion in country’s level, the blood volume and strength from D.Zhuo will increase too.
First Round: (10:00-12:00)(GMT+8)
First Stage:
Players can go to the city which is occupied by D.Zhuo to attack. And all of players from all country should kill all the D.Zhuo troop within the required time
Second Stage:
After defeating D.Zhuo, D.Zhuo will be captured. And lords can get whips in according to the Rank from killing D.Zhuo Troops Numbers, then lords can gain reward by lashing D.Zhuo.Every time lashing D.Zhuo in certain numbers, D.Zhuo can enter rage period and players rage lash can gain double rewards. Then D.Zhuo will temporary withdraw to prepared the next round’s attack after lash is ended.
If lords can not successfully defeating D.Zhuo, lords can not get whips to enter into "lash stage", and D.Zhuo will directly prepared to next round’s attack.
Lords can get extra rewards besides the fixed rewards in lashing D.Zhuo, also lords can click the box icon to view the content about extra rewards.
D.Zhuo will be in the stage of "Rage" after the lashing time reaches the specific time, and all the rewards now will become double until D.Zhuo get right.
Second Round: (15:00-17:00)(GMT+8)
The fighting process will be the same as the first round, and lords can lash to gain rewards after killing D.Zhuo.
Third Round: (20:00-22:00)(GMT+8)
Third Round starts, D.Zhuo comes with Emperor Xian of Han. So lords can placate Emperor Xian of Han as well as lash D.Zhuo to get other rewards. After ending lash time and placate time, D.Zhuo runs away which on behalf of the ending of D.Zhuo Country Quest.
①Lords can fight against D.Zhuo in Battle of D.Zhuo, but can not play with duel or shadow.
②Lords can not enter into the aim city during D.Zhuo withdraws or prepares to attack.
③Each Lord will go to individual fighting scene in Battle of D.Zhuo, and can not watch other lords’ fighting scene.
④Lords can not attack or withdraw in the Battle of D.Zhuo.
⑤Whips can use accumulatively this day and not be reserved till 23:59.
⑥ When D.Zhuo comes, the fight will stop automatically if the city were the fighting aim.

All data above are only for reference, please take the in-game as precedence.