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Clash of Three Kingdoms

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[New Version]New Function——Commerce

2017-04-19   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

In our new vision, you will have a chance to meet mysterious merchant and win worthy rewards. Come to Join Commerce!
[How to Unlock]
Player above Lv.90 need to defeat C. Cao’s Army in the battle of Chi Bi and activate Commerce Tech .
[Open Commerce]
Player could find Commerce at “Guild” in city page.
[Commerce Trader]
There are four traders in commerce who sell different resources. Player could exchange for them by coupon.
Grocer: Player above Lv.90 could use coupon to exchange daily resources in game. Resources will be fresh randomly.
Smith: Player above Lv.92 could use coupon to exchange S. Iron.
Arsenal: Player above Lv.99 could use coupon to exchange arm fragments.
Factory: Player above Lv.110 could use coupon to exchange ordnance materials and build arms.
1.Every trader has certain exchanging times. If times are run out, trader is replenishing.
2.Player could use gold to buy extra exchanging times for replenishing trader. If replenishing times are run out, player cannot exchange anymore.
3.Every Trader could be upgrade via voucher. With the trader’s level up, the numbers of resources and exchanging times will increase. (Different trader has different upgrade effect. Please take the actual situation within the game prevail.)
4.Trader will be reset at 0 a.m. every day and resources will be fresh. Unused coupon and resources will disappear.
5.If trader upgrades, the resources he sells will be fresh randomly.

All above are only for reference, please take the in-game data as precedence.