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[New Version] Information of Group Battle

2016-12-02   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Group Battle is coming! The strong enemies sounds their horn, we have no choice but to fight! Fight for Glory!
[How to enter]
Players above LV.85 are available to view the Group Battle in Resource War.

You can also enter the Group Battle by clicking the icon in Activities.

[How to play]
Based on Resource War,  5 players , as one group, can participate in the Group Battle in which the opponent is arranged by the system.
[The Team] :
Members chosen in Resource War can participate in Group Battle. Kings can decide who the leader is .
Note:Only in the prepare stage of the Resource War on Monday (00:00-12:00), can the leader be changed.
The Group battle lasts 7 days with 1 match every day. According to the results, players will be divided into two groups namely,  the Elite Group and Common Group.
[Prepare Stage]
Prepare stage starts at the time when the opponent updated at 24:00 every day. Member can change their own formation while the leader can decide the order 5 minutes before the game started.
[Battle Stage]
The team with higher initiatives will be chosen to attack firstly. Once the two teams are the same in terms of initiatives, the one with a higer total level is the attacker. The defender will win if the match time is longer than 60 min.
[Claim Stage]
Members and players above LV.85 can claim the rewards according to the results after the match. Spending gold to claim more rewards. BTW, the rewards will get richer if you can win the game continuously.

[Opponent, Points and Rank]
1. The team ranks based on their level, initiatives every week before the game started
2. Every week, team points is 0 at the first game. According to the results, teams will be divided into two groups(Elite Group and Common Group) in which the basic points and rewards are different. (No grouped at the first game on every week)
3. Opponent: According to the results, teams will be divided into two groups (Elite and Common Group) since the 2nd round. If the number in your group is odd, a NPC will be arranged by the system.
1. Ranking Rewards: When 7 matches is over, players above LV.85 can claim the rewards on the basis of your country's rank
2. The top 16 in the rank can claim the Grand Rewards after 7 matches every week.
Players are allowed to claim the rewards from the time when the battle is over to 24:00. BTW,  the rewards unclaimed will be sent to you as a gift pack.

All the above is only for reference, please take the in-game info as precedence.